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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Photograph of the Week Part 3 October 23 2016 onwards.

27 November 2017 Taken last evening at Ballygawley Lake Sligo. Dense fog descends on the lake.

Ballygawley Lake Sligo

20 November 2016/ Taken during the summer in Sligo, Ireland. Horses on Culleenamore Beach. A Silver Strand.

Culleenamore Beach, Sligo, Ireland

12 November 2016. It is cold grey day today in Sligo, so I now look back to the beautiful colour of Spring. Taken near the Holywell, Sligo.

Bluebells, Ferns and Wild Garlic.

5 November 2016 As the Autumn colours will be fading fast, I use this opportunity to post another shot from my native Sligo. This was taken today in Ballygawley Woods. Also this week you get an extra large image, enjoy (but will probably be hard to view fully on screen without scrolling, still worth it.

Ballygawley Wood in all it's glory.

1 November 2016. An extra post this week, taken this evening on my home turf. Strandhill, Sligo. "Silhouette on the Wild Atlantic Way"

                                  "Silhouette on the Wild Atlantic Way"

October 29 2016. This photograph was taken yesterday in my native Sligo, Ballygawley Wood in all it's Autumn glory.

Ballygawley Wood, Sligo

October 23 2016 I seem to be having some technical issues with Photograph of the Week part 2. It is therefore time to open a new photograph of the week section.

This week the photograph is an early morning shot on the Via de la Plata, Spain. Taken near Calzada de Bejar.

Calzada de Bejar, Spain

Sunday, 16 October 2016

The spirit of the Primitivo September 2016

The following is a collection of images on my recent journey in the mountains of Asturias and Galicia, Northern Spain. It is from Oviedo to Melide (as I have walked the last section to Santiago many times). Autumn mornings above the clouds, of misty images with Pilgrims on the ancient path. It starts with an early morning image on leaving Oviedo to a midday  shot of saying goodbye to Pilgrims I meet along the way. The images are not titled but are in chronological order. I intend in the near future to make a short YouTube video of this journey.  I do hope it captures the "Spirit  of the Primitivo" rather than a Geographical record.