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Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 13 Carcaboso Journeys end

Only 11 km today. Cold morning, there will be rain later but I have walked my entire journey without a drop of rain. This is now the end of my Camino for this trip. Of course I will miss it. Walked this morning with the Italian man had coffee with him in Carcaboso then he continued on.

I am staying in Albergue Elana, nice place stayed here before. Will probably meet spme pilgrims later in the day.
The marking out of Gaisteo are poor but head for old bridge and then the road to Carcaboso there are some arrows. To Plasemcia tomorrow, sightseeing for a day.
Will post photos when I get home.
Good result in football last night.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day 12 Photographing an Eagle and snacking on snails

Long wall to Gailsteo. Started at 7.30 finished at 5.45. Dull cold morning hot afternoon. Bypassed Carnival and Grimaldo but following the main arrows and went via Rio Lobos. Spoke with Italian who went old route and bypassed Rio Lobos but had to cross fences and gates.
Had a stop for coffee and snack in Rio Lobos in Hogar de Penonsinatte and was offered a plate of snails they were all eating them. I survived.
Wish I had better lense with me as I spotted what I think was an Eagle did photograph him. Yet again amazing field of flowers. Also delayed this morning by a traffic jam of sheep on track, a few hundred.
Arrived in Galesto after 10.5 hours of hard walking to find Albergue closed for maintance.Now staying in Bar Los Imigrantes.
Now for food and might watch the big match Madrid v Barca.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Via de LA Plata day 11

In Embalse de Alcantata. Which is a very modern hostel, glass front, bedrooms sloped into the ground. It is overlooking a large dam and is the middle of nowhere other than beautiful countryside.
Last night did not enjoy hostel top high bunk no steps, which means it tricky going to toilet in middle of night.
Still so much wildflowers.
Now to head out into to this nice countryside to take some pictures.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Day 10 Casar deCaceres

Dull morning nice afternoon, no rain around 20 degrees. Walked 32 km started at 7.10 got here around 4. Did not get lost going through Caceres have done before.
Meet the Norwegian TV crew  in Caceres and they filmed a bit more. They were just finishing and go back tomorrow. Walked some of the day with an Italian guy.
The albergue is changed since I stayed there before. Now very cramped. Around ten staying there,German,Spanish, French, Italian and of course Irish.
No problems with route or rivers.
Going to have short day tomorrow, 22 km, staying in an amazing albergue at a dam in the middle of countryside no houses shops etc. Bit of rain forecast for tomorrow and around 18 degrees, good walking weather.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day 9 Aldea del Cano

Another beautiful day, hot no problems.
Started walking at 8.30 finished at 4.30 about 36 km. Dull cloudy morn but hot afternoon. Now in Aldea del Cano. Albergue 6 e. Will probably finish walking on Monday.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Day 8 Aljucen

Two long days. Yesterday 46 km today 31 km. Glorious sunshine  both day. Very flat yesterday no wildflowers all vineyards and olive trees. Today loads of wildflowers. Every day after walking 9 or 10 hours the routine of washng clothes writing diary and blog there is very little spare time.
Today have been talking to very nice Norwegian TV crew, doing a film on Camino.
Weather good for next few days.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 6 St Patrick's Day in Zafra

Another hot day through flat Olive Groves and Vineyards. More wild flowers. Had to cross one river got boots wet had to change socks but no problem. Staying in a great albergue 12 e with breakfast. It is an amazing old building and really friendly people. It is association de amigos.

Will try a really long day tomorrow 44 km plan to start after 6.30 will see. Tomorrow is forecast good and 25 deg.

Happy St Patrick's day to all.
Regards Dermot

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day 5 Via de LA Plata

Today is hot don't know exact temp but would say it is in late 20s loads of suncream hat etc still getting red. Now in Fuente deCantos 22 km long enough after yesterday 38. Tomorrow will be in zafra for St Patrick's day doubt if they will have a parade.

The scenery is amazing, fields full of wild flowers. Plenty birds of prey overhead, think I saw about 30 vultures as there was a dead a,animal in one of the fields.

This area is very famous for it's dried ham which you can buy here at a,around 50 euro a kilo, it would be twice that in Ireland. You can see the black pigs everywhere in the fields, they feed on acorns. There are 21 of us staying in the hostal called El Zaguan de LA plata, terrace swimming pool etc 15 euro a night with breakfast.

Till the next post goodbye from sunny Spain.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Second post from Via de LA Plata

Hello. Short post long day. Today 38 km. Said goodbye to my two nice friend as they were stoppindstopping after 16 km the next stop was a further 22 km.  I have now walked 4 days. So now I am in Monesterio and staying in the lovely parochial albergue I stayed here 2 years ago.
Will do short day tomorrow around 24 km. Great experiences the last few days and meeting really great and interesting people. Great food not expensive. Had a 3 course dinner the other evening for 6 euro. Weather hot, in t shirt and shorts all the time. The fields are full of amazing wild flowers, the colors are brilliant, whites yellows and blue. Then there is some purple heather not like ours it is the size of a bush. Now I am starving and going to dinner.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Via de la Plata 2014

Hello from day two of walking the Via de LA Plata. All is well. Weather great in mid 20s in t shirt and shorts. Flight delayed on Tue morning because of fog as a result I missed my bus connection, got train instead but as a result hit Seville from an angle I did not know. Got to the lovely hostal Triana at 6 in evening almost 18 hours traveling. Decided not to take a rest day in Seville. Started yesterday on my own walked 24 km to Guillena stayed in lovely Albergue Luz del Camino. Walking conditions perfect and no flood's.

Meet two lovely people and will walk with them for a few days,a lady from France now living in Brisbane and a man from Barcelona. The lady comes from the exact same area in France that my French gr 10 friends come from. It is small world.
Today staying in Castillanco de los Arroys.

I dont have a facility to upload photos, will do that when I get home. Will update again in 3 or 4 days. Jim you would love it.