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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Via de la Plata February 1 to February 28 2016

Hello I have already posted a special blog of my Camino Frances from Astorga to Santiago. Now the first part of that journey from Seville to Astorga. The weather on this part was much better than the Frances. So because of the duration of the walk and weather conditions there are more photographs. This is not an exhibition, I am not trying to show my "best work".  I am trying to give you a feel of what my journey was like.

I hope you enjoy this little trip with me. I will update my website shortly, that is where you can buy instant downloads Camino Gallery

I found a list of Albergues for the Via de la Plata and Camino Sanabrés it is for 2016 (updated in April) it looks excellent so I will do the unusual and post a link here, it is a PDF document Albergue listing for Via de la Plata and Sanabrés it is in Spanish but because it is address, facilities, prices and dates etc it should not pose a problem.

I have also a separate section in my blog of the Camino Frances

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I have also a youtube video of the Via de la plata, here is the link.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFqcquoRK5E

Seville Cathedral.

Getting my Tapas,Seville .

Beautiful bar, Seville.

About to star the 1100km journey, La Banda rooftop hostel Seville.

Beautiful Sunrise Guillena

On the outskirts of Gillena

Hugo my Norwegian companion until Merida.  

Sunrise Castiblanco de los Arroys

Vultures circling overhead.

A Frog

Kids relaxing in the Sun

Near Almaden de la Plata


El Real de la Jara.

Beautiful formation.

No this was not an 8 euro Pilgrim menu.

Now for the Postre.

Polite Pilgrim giving right of way to the black pig of Andalusia. 

Fuento de Cantos.

An old Renault 4.
Endless lines of Vines. Notice how neat they are.

The kind hospitalero  in Amigos del Camino Albergue Zafra.

It must have been interesting. 

After the Coffee break their is a spring in their step.

On the way to Villafranca de los Barros.

Old Olive tree, its beautiful.

On the way to Villafranca de los Barros.

 Villafranca de los Barros, A magic roundabout. 

The path to Torremjia,this went on like this for 26km.

Typical Pilgrim food break, off with the boots, sit down on any available space, I had the other half of this "seat", 

Tending to the Vines.

Before Merida.

"Don't fence me in "

Rain, it  rained all day 36 km to Aldea del Canno, I actually enjoyed it.


Bicycle Pilgrim in Casar de Caceres.

Casar de Caceres.

Leaving Casar de Caceres at Dawn.

Near Casar de Caceres at Dawn.
The rising Sun on a Cows back.

A Stallion looking very elegant. 

Pilgrim on the path.

The texture of this house wall works well with the skull.

A Vulture. 

A Vulture. 

Emblase de Alcántara

New bridge near Emblase de Alcántara

On the way to Canaveral

The lovely people of the Albergue - Hostel in Canaveral, excellent place, Hostel Canaveral

Morning just outside Carcabosa

Into the morning Sun.

Myself with my cyclist friend again.

Beautiful peaceful place.
After a nice chat off he goes on his bicycle. 

On the way to Cáparra.

On the way to Cáparra.

On the way to Cáparra.

There is something sculptural about this ree.



In Winter and Spring many of the streams you have to cross are flooded, so the procedure I have is, off with boots and socks, roll up trousers, on with crocs and wade in.

Often I was the only one in the Albergue, this was my self served breakfast in Aldeanueava del Camino.

Local man, well wrapped up.

Near Banos de Montemayor

Underneat a motorway on the way to Calzada de Béjar

On the way to Calzada de Béjar

This man and his lovely wife run the Albergue in  Calzada de Béjar, I love staying there.

 Calzada de Béjar

 Calzada de Béjar

The moon and Stork, Calzada de Béjar

 Calzada de Béjar

 Calzada de Béjar

In flight.

A bird of prey.

A red legged Partridge. 

Happy as a pig roaming in a field.

 Afternoon light seeping into the dormitory. 

It just appealed to me.

That lovely stew, I had two bowls. 

 Padre Don Blas Fuenterroble de Salvitierra in the truly wonderful Albergue.

Very frosty morning leaving  Fuenterroble de Salvitierra 

Very frosty morning leaving  Fuenterroble de Salvitierra  complete with Stork.

My morning snack. 

Windmills on Pico de la Duena

Bird of prey.

On the way to Morille.

Pilgrim and horse.

Pilgrim and horse.

The Moon in Morille, very cold evening.

Just before sunrise on the way to Salamanca 

Just before sunrise on the way to Salamanca 
The long and winding road to Salamanca.

Pulpo for first course in Taberna Celta Salamanca, 

Second course (this is a portion for one person) in Taberna Celta, amazing food. Sometimes you have to move away from Pilgrim menu.  Do yourself a favour in Salamanca eat here.

That beautiful pinkish sandstone in Salamanca. 





Salamanca Plaza Mayor with Moon.

Casa de las Conchas.Salamanca

On the way to Calzada de Valdunciel

On the way to El Cubo de Tierra del Vino (this days walk is too near the Motorway)

On the way to El Cubo de Tierra del Vino

Birds dancing on the way into El Cubo de Tierra del Vino

The Pilgrim continues his journey in the peace of the Spanish countryside.

A nice place to rest.
Sometimes on a long journey you take photographs like this.

Beautiful Doorway.

Near Zamora you will see these "Roman Milestones"

Two trees.

In a bare landscape.

"The Ostrich Trees" (not the botanical name).! 

No doubt what direction to go.

The lovely entrance to Zamora.

The lovely entrance to Zamora.

Storks nest Zamora.

A shelter belt of sorts. In the huge wide open countryside they look like Topiary. 

Sometimes they have an elegance.

Montamarta at Dawn.

Montamarta at Dawn with Moon.

Montamarta at Dawn with Moon.

The pump house.

Those trees again.

Big Sky 1.

Big Sky 2.

Big Country.

This is the point in Granja de Moreruela where the Via de la Plata splits.

On the way to Barcial del Barco

Stork in flight sequence  1

Stork in flight  sequence 2

Stork in flight   sequence  3 

Stork in flight  sequence  4

Myself with the owner of the Albergue Las Eras, just after a good  breakfast. A nice place to stay in Barcial del Barco.

The famous  Osborne Bull

I crossed this old bridge, extremely long and a few metal plates missing, high over a river. I think there is another route.

The entrance into Benavanta, which I found to be a friendly town.

Wine caves under repair, each family has their own, in Aljia del Infantado

Wine caves each family has their own, in Aljia del Infantado

A wine cave on the way to La Baneza

Decided to include this Village name for all the Nora's out there, they named a  Spanish village after you.

Old Doorway

At the entrance to the town of  La Baneza 

Dormitory in Albergue La Baneza, lovely friendly place, even though I was alone there.
My faithful companions.

You might like to see my recent Camino Frances Blog just click on the link Camino Frances Photgraphs

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  1. Wonderful photos, Dermot, and I am in awe of your achievement in completing that massive trek in one go.

    1. Thank you very much John, yes it was a long trip, most of it enjoyable, towards the end a bit wet and cold, a Camino.

  2. Thank you! I walked from Sevilla 14. January and walked Via de la Plata + via de Sanabre. Ended in Santiago 25. February. We have many similar pictures. My blogg: diverseognorsk.blogspot.no

    1. Thank you Inger look forward to seeing your blog. regards Dermot

  3. Hi Dermot - thanks for sending along this blog and the YT video & pictures. All quite professional and inspiring, as I've come to expect from your work. Very interested in walking this route in the spring of 2019. I see you did it in February...a wee bit early for me mate. It's about 45 +/- days, yes? Really prefer 20-25 km/day so I can smell some roses. Appreciate you...cheers.

  4. Thank you John. I will message you.