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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pyrénées Photographs, a collection from Bolquere to Banyuls-sur-Mer

If you check blog archive for dates in early to mid September you will see more Photos from the very beautiful Pyrénées.

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On the edge looking back at Canigou, I like the way this lady is smiling to herself looking back at the sacred Catalan mountain.

This was the starting point of this trip as it was the finishing point of last year's 36 day Pyrénées climb.
Looking back from accent of Canigou, this is by far my favourite type of Landscape. Just look at it.
Morning shadows on Canigou looking like Winston Churchill with cigar
Two Catalan ladies on top of Canigou

Summit of  Canigou myself (in green) with the Bordeaux gang.

Near Cortatles
Rustic gate Col du Putis de la Neige
Pearly bramble

Taken from Refuge de Mariailles
Near Refuge de l'Orry
Day 1 September 1st on the way to Ras de la Caranca

Day 3 near Py

Day 3 near Py

Day 4 between Mariailles and Cortatles

Day 1 on the way to Ras  de la Caranca

Blue thistle

Refuge Ras de la Caranca 1831m

Carline thistle

Window view at Refuge Ras de la Caranca

Day 1 near Col Mitja 2367m

Taken at Refuge de Marriailles

Taken from Refuge de Mariailles

Taken from Refuge de Mariailles

One of the last GR 10 signs at Banyuls -sur-Mer
 Impression of Banyuls at Night-time 

Vines at Banyuls

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

More Photographs from the Cevenees

20th September 2013 between Le Rozier and Meyrueis

            Arcs de St. Pierre, near St. Pierre des Tripers, south west corner the Causse Méjean

Arcs de St. Pierre, near St. Pierre des Tripers, south west corner the Causse Méjean

Between Le Rozier and Meyrueis

Near Meyrueis

Taken from the top of Mount Aigoul the roads look like rivers.
Planning the route in the very helpful tourist office of Valleraugue.

Between  l'Espérou and Vallerauge a magical Sunday morning.

On the way to Notre-Dame-de-la-Rouviér

Afternoon 22nd September I get lost, but this is taken approx 8km from Notre-Dame-de-la-Rouviére

Collection of Photos.

 Here is a collection from Stevenson Trail and Tarn Gorge, Cevennes etc.

Note that I left main Stevenson Trail in Florac. I then stayed with friends in Sainte-Enimie and walked along the Tarn Gorge to La Malene Les Vignes to Le Rozier/ Peyreleau. Then through the Causse Mejan to Meyrueis. From through the Cevennes National Park to Mount Aigoual and L'Esperou. Vallerauge to Notre de la Rouviere and then with the help and generosity of an amazing French Lady to Souorgues. Soudorgues  to Lasalle, St Croix Cadrle to St- Jean- du-Gard. Some Journey.

Gites at Le Pont Montvent

Blow my seeds to the wind.

Silver Cobwebs

Purple Flower
On the way to Les Alpiers Stevenson Trail

Colour Co-ordinated clothes peg, pure style.

On Mont Lozere

Between Pic de Finiels and Le Pont de Montvert

Near Finiels Stevenson Trail

Tarn Gorge

Between Le Pont-de-Montvert and Florac
Early morning 19th September 2013 Sainte Enimie
Tarn Gorge

The illusive blue butterfly easy to see so hard to photograph.

Tarn Gorge

The stunning Tarn Gorge

In the Tarn Gorge
In the Tarn Gorge

 Fighting over a female, usual stuff.

Near Chasserades, I don't actually know what this is.

On the way to Meyrueis

On the way to Meyrueis

"Lucy in the sky with Diamonds"

Mont Lozere, it reminds me so much of it's neighbour the Aubrac

Mont Lozere

Pétanque  - French Boules in the lovely village of Soudorgues every participant got a bag of Cévennes Onions they kindly presented me with the same.

Le Pont-de-Montvert 
Near Notre Dame de Neiges

On the way to Florac