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Thursday 19 September 2013

Stevenson took the wrong route

I left Sainte Enimie this morning, a very beautiful village and two great hosts and old friends. Instead of going back to Florac and contuning normal Stevenson trail we made up our own, leaving from St Enimie. I will still go to St Jean de Guard but by a more beautiful route.

Today wa:-) s one of the best walks I have done. I followed the Tarn river in the gorge. About 38 km long day from 8.20 to 7.30. It was stunning. Amazing rock formations. Some of the time high up looking down on the river, other to times walking by the ever wining river in a very steep gorge, the stuff dreams are made of. The day was beautiful around 24 c. It was a tough walk but worth it .
Then dinner was starting when I got to the Gite, the service was great and the food outstanding, it gets better.

Tomorrow the gite is booked out, so will see what to do. Plan to go to Meyruhes.
Very very tired now to bed.

The Tarn Gorge

Bon nuit.
Dermot d

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