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Wednesday 18 September 2013

Les Alpiers, Le Pont de Montvert and now Sainte- Enimie

Viaduct at Miradol
Two great days of serious walking. Left Les Alpiers on Mon Morn and walked to Le Pont de Montvert, this took me over the highest point of the Stevenson Trail. I climbed over Mont Lozere and reached the Pic de Finiels just over 1600 meters. Then descended to the lovely village of Le Pont de Montvert. A stiff climb but amazing views, the first section reminded me of the The Aubrac, which is nearby. The second section looked somewhat like Glencolmkill, in Donegal.
Tuesday saw me walking another stiff climb and end up in Florac. The morning was very cold, but the views probably the best on walk so far. I was meet in Florac by some good old friends who now live in the Tarn Gorge in Sainte - Enimie. It is one of the most beautiful villages you counld imagine. The gorge itself is spectacular.

Wednesday. It is raining and still in St Enimie. Spent most of day catching up on practical matter. Have booked flight home from Carcasonne for next Wed. May now walk from where I am go through Tarn Gorge to St Jean du Gard on on to Ales making up my own route and not purely Stevenson, that is because this area is so stunning and would be a shame to stick to rigid route. Weather from tomorrow is forecast to be good.

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