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Monday 23 September 2013

Chestnut, Walnut Fig and Peach trees

Two glorious days of complete sunshine in blue mountains. Some hard uphill walking and in truth a bit crazy without proper maps bit I always got there. The problem is it is not only gr you have to use but many also mixed with local routes and then the road. So lots of chances to make mistakes, but of course you can ask for help if you can find someone, oh and then they speak a different language, the fun of it.
Sat night I eat wild mushroom omelette for starter then wild Boar for main course while at the same time a stuffed trophy boar head on a plaque looking down on me. It was tasty.
Yesterday the smell of wild mountain herbs in the afternoon heat was amazing. Long day walking over 10 hours. Stayed at a very tiny mountain village called Soudorgues. Was the only one in gite but there was a major local boules game taking place outside my window. All people taking part got a bag of the very special and expensive Cevenne onions plus a special hat. They then presented me with the same, strange bit great.  Lovely dinner and went to bed at 10.30. Some of them were just sitting down to dinner then.
I awoke at about 3 in the morning and they were still playing boules under floodlight. What people,what a place.
Finished today on Stevenson's finishing place of St Jean de Guard even though I did not follow his route. I have now just folded my walking Poles for this trip. What will the next trip be, who knows. Tomorrow to Carcassonne next day home, for a little while.

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