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Saturday 21 September 2013

Le Rozier to Meyrueis to Mount Aigioual to L'Esperou

Blue Butterflies

Two wonderful days of walking in glorious sunshine. Tough going but great. Yesterday morn started with an almost vertical 500m accent to a site of a sacred cross. One man then told me I was going in wrong direction for Meyrueis, little did he know. I then went to an area full of stone arcs really strange.

From there it was very high up and looking at amazing stone structures jutting up everywhere. Then downhill to Meyrueis, which is a beautiful town.
This morning started at 8 in dense fog which lifted after an hour. Stiff climb for hours meeting only men with guns.  The hills were alive with the sound of gunfire. Not a Bore in sight, no matter which way you spell it.
Reached the summit of Mt Aigoual at 1.30. Stunning with views down to the Pyrenees. There is an observatory there which added to the viewing, I love it when the mountains are a great blue colour.Then 7 km down to L'esperou, a sleepy village. Tomorrow I just walk no real plans just see where my feet take me.

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