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Sunday 15 September 2013

Vespers, Hoodie's and a dead Boar

I really should not fill in any detail but let your imagination do the job using the title.
Now in Les Alpiers had 2 long days well over 70 km. Today was quite a lot of heavy woodland. It rained and was cold. The route was much longer than I had thought.
Saturday was a great day. Cold to start, the laneways were full of amazing silver cobwebs and autumn flowers. Some stiff uphill walking . I was staying in the Monastery Notre Dame des Neiges, but I had to be there by 5 so had to walk fast.
About 2 km from Monastery I heard a lot of gunfire which is common as it is hunting season. Then I meet 2 hunters who had just shot a wild Boar, I photographed him holding up the freshly shot Boar, you won't come across it Much on Ben Bulben.

The Monastery was amazing. Greeted by an elderly Monk who invited me to watch a film about Monastery. They seem to make everything' wine, beer, preserves, cakes, herbs, nougat, honey etc. They have a very up market shop, there was a coach tour in shop at that time. It was some sight to see a Nun with a hand held scanner at a checkout taking in wads of euos.
I then went to Vespers at half six great experience.
You can figure out yourself what the Hoodies were.

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