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Tuesday 10 September 2013

One day left

In Chalet De lAlbere, alive and well but tired NO internet since Monday. So much has happened since. I have this last section of the gr10 very tough going. I  think it is the heat of the Med. 
I am still travelling with the group of French people who are great company.
The highlight of this trip has to be last Thursday. This was meant to be a short 5 hour day but three of the five French gang suggested we leave the gr10 and climb Canigou which is around 2800 meters. It is Avery famous Catalan mountain. Going up was not too bad but the problem was the way we came down, we came down a chimney that is approx 50 meter straight down. 

A very strange thing happened on Sunday, I got a little lost and decided to take a rest at side of concrete path. While eating an apple two motorbikes pulled up beside me engines revong, riders with full helmets on. Then one of the, raised visor and said to me  You DOOLAN I did not know what to say. The French people I had been walking with realised on was on wrong track and meet motorbike guys going my way and told them to pass message on to me.

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