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Monday 2 September 2013

Well I am now in the hamlet of Mantet. I had planned to go two hours further today but after 5 hours walking the heat was just too much. Don't know what temp is but I think it could be near 30 at times.
Got to my hostel in Pyrenees 2000 around 8 Sat evening' dinner and bed. The hostel was around 1 hour from gr10 and tricky to find. Started at 8 and it was nearly 5 when I got to refuge LA Caranca. Some very hard climbing in afternoon soon. Shattered by time I got to refuge. The refuge toilet was outside of the bio variety about 50 meters from refuge so you really didn't want to use at night. Also the dorm was just a couple of continuous benches with mattresses, there was around 25 of us, no light dinner by candle. This morn you go to river to was, have a bit of breakfast and off you go.
There are around 12 of us going to end of gr 10 to Banyuls sir Met. Because of the logistics of accom it will be at least next Monday before I arrive there. Very few speak English so am having great fun.
This walk I did not climb gradually I got bus to around 1800 meter between that and the nearer the Med my system is not 100% yet. Drinking around 4 liters of water a day.
Not a lot of Internet so don't know when I will post again.

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