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Sunday 25 August 2013

Gr 10: An Irishman on the French Pyrénées

Pic de Midi d'Ossau

Hello, I started the GR 10 in 2011.  I walked from Cahors to Bilbao.  So my starting point for the GR 10 was St Jean Pied de Port. Myself and a Swiss companion left St Jean and on an evening in September  reached the outskirts of Irun.

I then went back to St Jean Pied de Port in 2012 and  walking eastwards  reached Bolquere. It was a magical experience, I had all types of weather Rain, very hot days, winds of 120km , Hail, Snow. I carried a Nikon D80 in a harness on my body at all times the purpose is to at a later date publish my photo's from the GR10 but also from the other long walks I have completed in the last few years. Those walks were the Camino Frances from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostelle and on to Finesterre, Via de La Plata from Seville to Santiago and on to Finisterre. The GR65 from Le Puy en Velay to St Jean Pied de Port and on to Irun and Bilbao. Camino Mozarabe from Granada to Salamanca. Porto to Santiago.

So now at the end of August 2013 I am off to complete the GR10 from Bolquere to Banyuls sur Mer. I may then do the Stevenson Trail.

I intend to use this Blog to post my upcoming adventures. Then mabey at a latter stage I will use my Diaries to write a full account of the GR10 from start to finish. This is my first ever Blog so forgive me in advance until I get used to the format.

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