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Wednesday 22 October 2014

The Le Puy Route - GR65 - Chemin St Jacques

I recently walked from Espalion in France to Roncesvalles in Spain. This is part of the Chemin St Jacques or GR65. It is one of the few Camino routes that I have walked twice as I generally don't like to repeat my steps. It is my favourite Camino. I now post some photographs here taken this Autumn.

This is not an exhibition of my best photographs. It is meant as a pictorial record of the way I viewed my recent journey. I include many photographs, therefore it is not practical to put Captions on them. This section is a work in progress there are many more photographs to follow and maybe I might delete some. 

This first instalment is from Espalion to near Eglise Saint-Serin du Bosc (just outside Lauzerte).


I have to comment on this picture. When I posted this I thought it meant something COMPLETELY different. Just ran it through Google translate to disappointedly find out it is an Accountancy firm.


Now for the second batch from the Le Puy route. These photographs are from Moissac to Pimbo (approximately)


This next section of photographs is from Arzacq-Arraziguet to St Jean Pied de Port.

There are some photographs of St Jean Pied de Port to follow. Also Photographs of the trek over the Pyrénées to Roncesvalles. I have some photographs of my April trip of two years ago. I might also write a short article about this years trip. 

I have included two new sections as two new posts. This is the link to the 2012 Le Puy section from Le Puy to Moissac. Well worth a look.

Also I included a section from St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles. This is the direct link for that post.


  1. Hi Dolan,

    These really nice photographies really give me the desire to put my hiking shoes on and leave !

    Greg (The Belgian from Rancas and Navacelles :) )

  2. Thank you Greg, Say hello to your family for me. This section is by no means complete will post more in next few days. Hope to have wesite up and running before Christmas.


  3. I love the Le Puy pictures Dermot. I particularly liked the churches and general architecture. The guy with the beard looks as if he has been in hibernation for a period, and has only just woken up. Your hard work is begining to bear fruit

  4. Yes Jim went in to a lot more churches this time, tried to use natural light but had no tripod. The "Pilgrim" photograph was taken early in the morning, I think he had just "broken camp".

  5. Great portraits in the latest addition Dermot. You have done a fantastic job.

  6. Great variety in latest batch Dermot. Some beautiful countryside. The colours are amazing. Will study pics in more detail over weekend

  7. Beautiful photos Dermot- thanks for sharing them. The weather and season make some places look quite different from how I saw them- and I guess that is one reason we can walk the same route twice, but it won't be the same at all. You have one shot where a huge puddle of water covers the track- but in that same place I know I was battling the heat with 30+, even in May! I'll be back this way to check out more of your photos- they are very evocative! Margaret

  8. Good Morning from a nice Autumn West of Ireland. Thank you for your nice words. Even though there puddles of water I had rain only one day while walking. It did rain heavily a number of nights. The weather was great I was in my t shirt and shorts all the time.

    I have a set of photographs taken in March April 2012 from Le Puy to Cahors and I promise I will post some of them in my Blog within a week approximately.
    Regards Dermot

  9. Had a good look over the three sections. Beautiful pictures. I love the shot of the other waterfall at Glencar which you posted a few days ago. Must get you to bring me on the new walk sometime

  10. Dear Dolan, Thank you so much for all those beautiful and amazing pictures. There are poetics, I'm so moved...
    I'm hope your well ! Keep a hawk eye open for beauty :)!

  11. Bonsoir Clare-Marie, I am glad you enjoyed the photographs. I now have many different sections on different Caminos. You can see them by looking at the other posts. It was nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your lovely words. Dolan

  12. Hi Dolan (or Donald!) Elsabe from South Africa here.Thank you for the beautiful photos!! I took me back to my fantastic walk. I walked a stretch with you, great my surprise when I saw a photo of me on the blog!! Now I can show people how beautiful the churches are. I couldn't capture their grandure and beauty it with my camera. Your photos are fantastic and brought back lovely memories.
    Regards, Elsabe

    1. Good Morning Elsabe, really nice to hear from you and thank you for your nice comments. Did you get to Santiago and did you go to Finnisterre. There are two other sections of my blog you might like to see one from Le Puy to Cahors taken two years ago this is the section of the blog http://www.dermotdolan.blogspot.ie/2014/10/le-puy-to-moissac-early-spring-2012.html

      Also my walk from St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles http://www.dermotdolan.blogspot.ie/2014/10/el-camino-over-pyrenees.html

      Kind Regards Dolan.

  13. Morning Dolan, I walked from Le Puy to Pamplona and then I did the stretch from Sarria to Santiago. I didn't want to rush to Finnisterre in 3 days, decided to go to Madrid earlier and did some touristy stuff. Next time I will go from Pamplona to Finnisterre. Hopefully the value of the South African Rand improves!! Once again thanks for the lovely photos.


  14. Elsabe you had a beautiful walk, walking through France is amazing and a nice time of the year.. Madrid is a nice city.

    Regards Dolan

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