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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Le Puy to Moissac Early Spring 2012

I promised on my recent  "Le Puy" post that I would post photographs I had taken on the route in 2012. The photographs from Le Puy to Cahors were taken in late March and early April. The photographs from Cahors to Moissac are taken in September 2013. For technical reasons the photographs may not appear in chronological order of location, but those who have walked the route should recognise them. Some day I may get around to putting captions on them but already it is very time consuming.

I carried a form of tripod on those trips and because of the time of year I was shooting in early morning light and late evening light. Purely from a photographic point of view I would consider them better shots than my recent walk but everything is different, times of the year, perception, mood, attitude etc. Hope you enjoy.





  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another fine set of photos. I liked the quizzical shorn sheep. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A great appetiser for our trip in September. Many thanks for providing

  4. Thank you for this lovely set of photos. Brought back wonderful memories of my walk along that route in 2008 with a wonderful (now sadly deceased) man.