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Friday 13 September 2013

Day 3 Part 2


I might not have wi fi for a few days so might as well use it now. I normally never book ahead on my trips but have been advised to do so on this trip. On the gr10 I was very lucky because the French5 booked for me. As you can imagine language is a problem when phoning.
On Stevenson Trail I get the gite that I am in to book a place for me somewhere the following night. Today a problem everywhere for tomorrow Sat night is booked out. I went to tourist office and the only place I could get is in a Monastery. It is in Notre-Dame des Neiges, I will have to go off route to get there. It is actually on a Pilgrim route to St Jean dear Guard. The only problem I have to be there for 5 to get a key. There is then a communal meal at 7, it is donation. Should be very interesting.
This I think will mean I will jump a bit of the route, will travel on gr 700 instead of Stevenson which is gr70. Then Sunday will re-join Stevenson further on. The result I think I will gain a day. Might now be in Florac on Tue afternoon. Will see.
Dermot D

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  1. Have tried to post before ... hope this one gets to you. Well done on the GR10 Dermot. Sounds tough, but within your capabilities. I was hungry thinking of you not getting dinner ... don't know if I could cope!
    Enjoy the rest of it and meeting with friends. Ultreia!