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Friday 13 September 2013

Day 3 Stevenson


Now in the village of Pradelles. Waked about 22 km today, started at 8 got here at 1. Staying in nice gite in centre of village yet to explore it, but believe there is lots to see.

The one thing you notice in this part of France is the amount of war memorial to both wars.

Today's walk was easy. They say there is no easy day on the gr10 and that is so true, bit there are easy day's on Stevenson Trail. Hope I am not tempting fate by saying that. The height I was at today was about 1200m. The scenery is beautiful. Rolling hills of some good farmland with the distinctly red clay that is a feature of the Puy volcanic landscape.

On practical matters still have the cold, which is a pain, bit OK.Today is also the first day I have got access to a washing machine, which is great. Washing by hand does not do the trick, so I should smell normal this evening.

The food is very good. For 33 to 40 euro you get a nice bed in shared room, 4 to 5 course dinner and breakfast. The breakfast  is usually bread and jam but still good.

Now for a bit of sight seeing. Intend to go to Cheylard-l'Eveque tomorrow.

Regards Dermot D

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