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Thursday 12 September 2013

Now on Stevenson Trail

Now finished 2 short days on Stevenson Trail. Will have wi fi problems so posts will be occasional but will be updated at later stage.

Did get out of Banyuls on Tuesday but because of train strike had a very long day travelling, started at 9 and finshed at 9.  Was sorry to say goodbye to amazing gang of the French 5. Got TGV expensive. By the time I got to Le Puy all Gites were full so had to get Hotel. BY the time I got Hotel all eating places closed bar one but the service was so bad there I walked out. Bar of chochlate and to bed, the glamour of travelling.

Left Le Puy yesterday lunch by bus to start of Stevenson trail in Monastier sur Gazielle then walked  to the amazing Goudet, picture postcard stuff. Stayed in nice Gite there. Loads of Donkeys everywhere, a few asses as well. Are they all called Modestine!!!

Now in Le Bouchet Saint Nicolas. Short day. Using fixed computer no wi fi.

It is much colder and greyer than gr10, weather reminds me of home but easier to walk in. I do miss the Pyrenees. This walk is different people seem to do shorter distances and get their bags carried to next destination. Also language is more of problem everone seems to speak French, can you believe it.

Looking forward to rest of trip and meeting friends next week.

Food is very good.
Regards  Dermot D

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