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Friday 21 March 2014

Day 10 Casar deCaceres

Dull morning nice afternoon, no rain around 20 degrees. Walked 32 km started at 7.10 got here around 4. Did not get lost going through Caceres have done before.
Meet the Norwegian TV crew  in Caceres and they filmed a bit more. They were just finishing and go back tomorrow. Walked some of the day with an Italian guy.
The albergue is changed since I stayed there before. Now very cramped. Around ten staying there,German,Spanish, French, Italian and of course Irish.
No problems with route or rivers.
Going to have short day tomorrow, 22 km, staying in an amazing albergue at a dam in the middle of countryside no houses shops etc. Bit of rain forecast for tomorrow and around 18 degrees, good walking weather.

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  1. Great to hear there are no problems. Very bad weather here today. Strong North Westerly Gales, showers of rain and sleet. Temp 6 degrees. Enjoy today's trek.