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Sunday 16 March 2014

Day 5 Via de LA Plata

Today is hot don't know exact temp but would say it is in late 20s loads of suncream hat etc still getting red. Now in Fuente deCantos 22 km long enough after yesterday 38. Tomorrow will be in zafra for St Patrick's day doubt if they will have a parade.

The scenery is amazing, fields full of wild flowers. Plenty birds of prey overhead, think I saw about 30 vultures as there was a dead a,animal in one of the fields.

This area is very famous for it's dried ham which you can buy here at a,around 50 euro a kilo, it would be twice that in Ireland. You can see the black pigs everywhere in the fields, they feed on acorns. There are 21 of us staying in the hostal called El Zaguan de LA plata, terrace swimming pool etc 15 euro a night with breakfast.

Till the next post goodbye from sunny Spain.

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