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Sunday 23 March 2014

Day 12 Photographing an Eagle and snacking on snails

Long wall to Gailsteo. Started at 7.30 finished at 5.45. Dull cold morning hot afternoon. Bypassed Carnival and Grimaldo but following the main arrows and went via Rio Lobos. Spoke with Italian who went old route and bypassed Rio Lobos but had to cross fences and gates.
Had a stop for coffee and snack in Rio Lobos in Hogar de Penonsinatte and was offered a plate of snails they were all eating them. I survived.
Wish I had better lense with me as I spotted what I think was an Eagle did photograph him. Yet again amazing field of flowers. Also delayed this morning by a traffic jam of sheep on track, a few hundred.
Arrived in Galesto after 10.5 hours of hard walking to find Albergue closed for maintance.Now staying in Bar Los Imigrantes.
Now for food and might watch the big match Madrid v Barca.

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  1. Great post. Catches the landscape and atmosphere perfectly. Looking forward to your shots of fields of flowers. See you soon