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Saturday 15 March 2014

Second post from Via de LA Plata

Hello. Short post long day. Today 38 km. Said goodbye to my two nice friend as they were stoppindstopping after 16 km the next stop was a further 22 km.  I have now walked 4 days. So now I am in Monesterio and staying in the lovely parochial albergue I stayed here 2 years ago.
Will do short day tomorrow around 24 km. Great experiences the last few days and meeting really great and interesting people. Great food not expensive. Had a 3 course dinner the other evening for 6 euro. Weather hot, in t shirt and shorts all the time. The fields are full of amazing wild flowers, the colors are brilliant, whites yellows and blue. Then there is some purple heather not like ours it is the size of a bush. Now I am starving and going to dinner.

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