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Monday 28 April 2014

Dartry Mountains Sligo - Leitrim, Ireland

The Dartry Mountains are a range in the North West of Ireland, where I live. Yesterday I walked part of them. The best know peaks of the them are Benbulben, Benwhisken and Truskmore. They border the counties of Letrim and Sligo.  The range is a large dissected limestone plateau. Glaciation has given it its distinctive shape.

This is not a photographic record of the range, but I will add to it on an ongoing basis. This is just a few photographs from yesterday. I started at Luke's Bridge walked on to the plateau then turned slightly in the direction of Benwhisken to pick up the top of the Gleniff Horseshoe. A lot of the walk was on a natural balcony giving amazing views. From there towards the old Barytes Mines then over in the direction of Kings Mountain overlooking Glencar Lake then back to Largandoon and back down the Bog Road to Glencar Lake. A nice four hour walk.

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Shadows, looking towards Inishmurray Island and Mullaghmore Head

Gleniff Horseshoe with the amazing old tracks,used for the Barytes Mines.

Overlooking the Gleniff Horseshoe towards Diarmiud and Gráinne Cave

Glencar Lake, taken from the Sligo end looking towards Leitrim
Benbulben Head taken from Bundoran Road North of Drmcliff Sligo
Benbulben  towards Gowlaun and Cloyragh
From Benulben Head
Towards Benwhisken


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