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Sunday 20 July 2014

Returned from France

Just back from a very interesting visit to France. I intend to write more detailed articles later. It was really three trips in one. The Alps were the beginning walking the GR 5 from Les Houches to near Modane on the Italian border. Then train to Grasse in Provence and walked from Castellane to Maubec. Stage three was Le chemin de Saint- Guilhem-le -Désert  from Saint Guilhem to Saint Chely d'Aubrac and on to Espalion via the gr65. That is just a brief summary, there were detours along the way.

I just include a random sample of four photographs taken in the Alps on the GR 5. Many more to come. I will keep updating over the next week. 

I now have a website where you can view my work. Click on the link below.


I hope you will use and enjoy this new website. I will still continue with my blog as normal. Dermot 21 February 2015
Col du Palet  Sunday 22nd June 2014 notice the child going up to meet the hikers coming down the slope, he is the young son of the guardian of the refuge, effortlessly walking through the snow.

Flowers breaking through the snow Col du Palet, it looked as if they grew up where there were footprints in the snow. 

Between Les Houches and Les Contaimes, this house is larger on the side facing the mountain. Typical heavy mist cover the mountain.

On the way to Refuge de la Balme

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