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Wednesday 12 November 2014

A wet grey Autumn day in the woods and hills of Sligo - Ireland.

Today the 12th November 2014, was wet and grey. In the west coast of Ireland where I live this is not unusual. At times there was a heavy mist and sometimes because of the heavy rain I had to put the camera back in my rucksack. I had to wear waterproof clothing from head to toe. Photographing today in colour might have seemed a silly thing to do, but  Autumn's gold seemed to stand out today. I got great pleasure from taking these photographs I hope you get some of this pleasure by viewing them.

The walk was approx three hours. I went in at Ballygawley Wood, then up by Slieve Dargan and Slieve Daeane and on to Lough Lumman. I came back the same way. This is a way-marked route and is part of the Sligo Way.

The moral of the story is, a grey wet day in Ireland does not have to be dull.

I normally would not include all the photographs this large, but I am having some technical difficulties with the slide show if I use a smaller size.


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