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Sunday 17 November 2013

Today in Glencar (17 November 2013 )

Today I went for a walk in Glencar which is about 12 km from where I live. I have walked there often and have posted many photographs on my blog. Today I felt pure magic there, that is why  when I got home I sat down in front of the computer and you will now see the result of my walk. Maybe some of you will get some of the magic I have got out of today. I brought no tripod with me and as a reult I rested the camera on stones in the middle of a stream. There were times when the water was flowing in over my boots and other times I knelt down on the wet ground placing the camera on the ground and used the self timer to avoid blur. At the waterfall I meet some people otherwise for three hours I meet only one person. 

I feel no need to put individual captions on the photographs as they are all taken in Glencar, in fact they are all taken in the Leitrim part of Glencar but some are looking towards Sligo.


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